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Anti-cracking patch

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Product Information

Anti-cracking patch (anti-cracking patch) is a banded, self-adhesive interlaminar anti-cracking and waterproofing material made of asphalt-based polymer, matrix, high-strength high-temperature resistant fabric, isolation film and other layers, which are precisely extruded and compounded by special machinery and equipment. It has high and low temperature resistance, strong composite performance, self-adhesive property and waterproof function. This structure combines several anti-cracking and waterproofing measures, such as geosynthetics and stress absorbing layer materials, which are used separately on highways. It is an optimized combination of anti-cracking and waterproofing materials.

Product Features

1.Isolation. Laying anti-cracking adhesive can isolate cracking layer from asphalt surface layer and avoid direct contact between cracking layer and asphalt surface layer. The tensile stress of base crack can not be transmitted directly to asphalt concrete surface layer. Although the bonding force between the layer and surface layer is reduced, the polymer can bond anti-cracking adhesive with the interlayer and the new pavement layer as a whole. The effect of vehicle load is sufficient to prevent the relative displacement of the upper and lower interfaces of the interface and maintain continuity.

2.Reinforcement. The anti-crack patch has a certain strength and can withstand a certain crack tensile stress. When the crack tensile stress increases and is greater than the tensile strength of the anti-crack patch, the anti-crack patch begins to deform, the surface layer begins to withstand the tensile stress transmitted by the anti-crack patch. The anti-cracking layer will bear all the tensile stress of the cracks, and obviously the anti-cracking layer plays a reinforcing role. In this sense, it improves the tensile strength of the pavement structure layer.

3.Energy dissipation. Crack resistance paste is a kind of material with certain extensibility. High polymer has good flexibility at low temperature. It is equivalent to setting an elastic layer between the layers of asphalt pavement.

4. Water seepage control. The anti-cracking polymer can form a complete waterproof and impervious layer, which can prevent the water from penetrating into the roadbed, thus protecting the strength of the base and preventing the further deterioration of the base material properties. In summary, crack-resistant adhesive used in asphalt pavement, which can effectively inhibit the upward propagation of cracks, and plays the crack-resistant and energy-absorbing role in practical engineering.


Technical parameters

Thickness ≥


Tensile Strength N/50mm≥



Elongation %≥


Anti perforation


Softening point



Resist film ≤

Obvious shrinkage and deformation at 130 C.

Enhanced layer≥

There is no obvious shrinkage and deformation at 180 C.

Low tenderness

No crack at - 10 C

water impermeability

Pressure, MPa≥


Retention time ,min≥


Adhesiveness,N/mm ≥

4 or fracture outside the adhesive surface.

High temperature shear,MPa(50℃)



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