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How to design non-asphalt based polymer waterproofing membrane?


Non-asphaltic polymer waterproofing membrane with the arrival of the dry season in the summer in various central, waterproofing board is now to the production of very strong period, is also a good period of use, due to climate changes from time to time, this change instead on the construction of eva waterproofing board has some degree of complementary effect, due to the phenomenon, this waterproofing board in terms of price some shaking.



Due to the widespread use of this kind of flashing, the price of flashing will certainly increase, the price of raw materials for flashing will also follow the relative increase in the price of flashing, but only good quality and color geodesic production materials, to ensure that the production of eva flashing is good, to ensure that consumers buy peace of mind, sampling process should be witnessed in the supervisory unit or construction unit.

    The plastic material is the maintenance layer, supplemented by a variety of additives to make it anti-aging, oxidation, acid, alkali, salt and other harsh environment corrosion, plastic steel geogrid can meet the needs of all kinds of longer-term projects more than a century of use, its function is superior, scale stability is good, is an important material in civil engineering can not be missing, plastic steel geogrid is mainly used for highways, railroads, bridge platforms, approach roads, docks, shore protection It is mainly used in soft ground reinforcement, retaining wall and pavement anti-cracking project of highway, railway, bridge platform, approach road, wharf, shore protection, pond dam, slag field, etc.