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HDPE polymer self-adhesive membrane waterproofing membrane used to do what?


 HDPE polymer self-adhesive membrane waterproofing membrane to avoid the role of the waterproofing board to suspend the waterproofing when the planning does not work, this eva waterproofing board can also be commonly used in reservoirs, dikes and weirs, channels, cisterns and other common buildings in the days of infrastructure, a variety of open, underwater and other recreational or workplace to suspend the waterproofing task this waterproofing board can also be used, with the arrival of the dry season in various central summer.



Is a useful method of impermeable disposal of permeable water bodies, welding temperature is generally 1500 ~ 1800, welding speed of 0.15 ~ 0.20 m / min, before construction, should be experimentally recruited operating voltage is generally 110 volts, the speed is simply controlled in the range of 0.15 ~ 0.20 m / min, the lap width is 15 cm, the width of the joint is 2.5 cm, when the indicator light changes from green to red when the operation can be suspended.

Waterproof board has reached a very prosperous period of production, is also a good period of use, due to the weather changes from time to time, this change has some degree of complementary effect on the construction of eva waterproof board, due to the phenomenon of this, this waterproof board in terms of price is not determined, due to the widespread use of this waterproof board, the price of waterproof board will certainly produce an increase in the price of raw materials for waterproof board Will also follow the price of waterproof board has a relative increase, but only good quality color authentic production materials, to ensure that the production of eva waterproof board is good, to ensure that customers buy with confidence.