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Application of Biaxial Plastic Geogrid in Road and Bridge Construction


Abstract:The acceleration of urbanization has led to the rapid development of road and bridge construction. In order to ensure that road and bridge can meet the requirements of modern society, relevant researchers constantly improve the innovative technology of road and bridge materials. New geosynthetic materials are a very important building material in the construction of road and bridge. It plays an important role in the economic benefits of enterprises. This paper expounds the application of geosynthetical new materials in road and bridge, analyzes the existing problems, and puts forward some suggestions to improve the application of geosynthetical new materials in road and bridge.

The bidirectional plastic geogrid is a kind of excellent geosynthetics used for road surface reinforcement, old road reinforcement, subgrade reinforcement and soft soil foundation. It has become an irreplaceable material in the application of reflective cracking on asphalt pavement. The product has excellent properties of high tensile strength and low elongation in both warp and weft directions, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. It is widely used in asphalt pavement, cement pavement and subgrade reinforcement and railway subgrade, embankment slope protection, Airport runway, sand control and other projects.

Biaxial plastic geogrid improves its mechanical properties, making it have good tensile strength, tear strength and creep resistance, and after high-quality modified asphalt coating made of plane network material. Following the principle of similarity compatibility, it emphasizes the composite properties of asphalt mixture and asphalt mixture, and fully protects the base material, which greatly improves the abrasion resistance and shear resistance of the base material, so it can be used to strengthen the pavement, resist cracks and ruts and other highway diseases, thus ending the difficult problem of asphalt pavement reinforcement.

Product Features:

The product has the characteristics of high strength, low elongation, high temperature resistance, high modulus, light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistance, long life, etc. It can be widely used in old cement pavement, airport runway maintenance, dikes, riverside, slope protection, road and Bridge Pavement Reinforcement Treatment and other engineering fields, It can strengthen and reinforce the pavement, prevent the pavement. Rut fatigue crack, hot cold expansion crack and reflection crack can disperse the load-bearing stress of pavement, prolong the service life of pavement, high tensile strength and low elongation, no long-term creep, good physical and chemical stability, good thermal stability, anti-fatigue cracking, high temperature rut resistance, low temperature shrinkage crack resistance, delay and reduce reflection crack.

Product Uses:

1. The old asphalt concrete pavement, reinforced asphalt surface to prevent disease.

2. Cement concrete pavement to rebuild composite pavement, restrain plate contraction and so on cause reflection cracks.

3. Road extension project to prevent cracks in new and old joints and uneven settlement.

4. Reinforcement treatment of soft soil foundation is beneficial to water seepage consolidation of soft soil, effective suppression of settlement, uniform stress distribution, and enhance the overall strength of subgrade.

5. Shrinkage cracks occur in the semi-steel base course of the newly built road, and the reinforcement can prevent the pavement cracks caused by the reflection of the base cracks.