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How to Use the Grouting Pipe Type Water Expansion Water Stop Belt


How to use the grouting pipe type water swelling pipe

When installing the grouting pipe, it can be fixed by concrete nail according to the site condition, and it can also be fixed with 20# wire. The main requirement is that the dissolution mold should be in close contact with the flat surface of the screed, and there should be no seams to prevent the quality of the mortar from entering the mortar. If the crack cannot be eliminated, the upper and lower mold edges can be sealed with a quick plugging material, which is not subject to the slurry. The length of a single pre-dissolving mold is not limited, and the width of the mold section is 100~150mm (adjustable according to the structural section design). The upper and lower outlet pipes are reinforced with a pressure-resistant 8kg/cm2 nylon mesh, and the upper part of the ground can be distinguished by the color of the upper and lower outlet pipes. The dissolution mold can also be carried out in stages, and the separation slit between the segments is 30 mm wide and must be strictly performed.

The vibrator shall not damage the pre-dissolution mold and the extraction tube when pouring concrete. After the concrete is poured, the passage between the ground above and the cavity has only two outlet pipes per section. In order to improve the waterproof quality, the casting of the re-waterstop is delayed as much as possible. During this period, the protection of the outlet pipe was strengthened, and management measures were taken to strengthen the on-site management to prevent damage and vandalism during the construction of the outlet pipe.

As the construction progresses, when the rubber waterstop is required to be poured, the mold solution is injected through the upper take-up tube to dissolve the molten material, and the cavity is washed with water in time. After washing the cavity, the lower extraction tube is connected with the grouting equipment, and the grouting liquid is injected into the cavity. The grouting material is selected from “liquid expansion rubber”, which is a polymer grouting material, and the high pressure injection can enrich the capillary pores and fine cracks of the concrete. The water is repeatedly expanded, and the number of expansions is as high as several thousand times. There is no precipitate, no water is reduced, and elasticity is maintained. The injection speed should not be too fast when grouting, observe the liquid out of the lead pipe, and when the slurry flows out, close the upper take-off pipe. Continue to pressurize grouting. When the slurry has obvious walking, hold the pressure for 3 to 5 minutes, close the lower extraction tube, and grout.