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Steel Plastic Geogrid as Reinforcement Material for Expressway Subgrade Reinforcement


The steel plastic geogrid is composed of a new steel reinforced plastic belt. Because the surface of the product is stretched and compressed into regular coarse patterns, the laying and replacement of the soil layer withstands tremendous stress and friction between the filling soil, the overall limit of the foundation soil shear, lateral foundation and uplift. Because the stiffness of reinforced soil cushion is bigger, it is propitious to the diffusion of upper foundation load and more uniform transmission, and distributes to the underlying soft soil layer, the bearing capacity of the foundation is better improved. Because of the effect of reinforced soil cushion, the whole height of the foundation within the compression layer is increased. Strongly adjusting the deformation of the foundation, the reinforced soil composite cushion formed by the use of steel-plastic reinforced geogrid is a flexible structure, which can absorb seismic energy well, so its seismic performance is good.

Product Features:

1. High strength, low creep, it is suitable for all kinds of environmental soil and can completely satisfy the use of high and large retaining wall in high-grade highway.

2. It can effectively improve the locking and biting effect of the reinforced surface, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, effectively restrain the lateral displacement of the soil, and enhance the stability of the foundation.

3. Compared with the traditional grids, the steel-plastic geogrids have the characteristics of high strength, strong bearing capacity, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, large friction coefficient, uniform hole, convenient construction and long service life.

4. It is more suitable for deep-sea operation and embankment reinforcement, and fundamentally solves the technical problems of low strength, poor corrosion resistance and short service life caused by long-term erosion of seawater by other materials.

The construction methods of steel plastic geogrid:

1. The laying surface of geogrid should be relatively flat. After the experience of laying layer is qualified, in order to prevent the longitudinal skew, the white line or hanging line should be drawn on the laying layer according to the width, and then the end of the grid can be fixed with U-shaped nails (4 nails per meter wide, fixed at a uniform distance).

2. After fixing the end of the geogrid, we need to pull the grille forward slowly with a paver or manual method, and straighten the grille artificially for 10 meters each, until one roll of grille is laid, then lay the next roll, operating as before.

3. Paving: Taking the length of the roll as the length of the section. After the length of the section is covered, checking the quality of the whole paving again, and then laying the next section.

When the next section is laid, the geogrid and the geogrid are overlapped by a net spacing of grilles as the overlapping length, and fixed by the binding wire, and then continue to lay the second section in the forward direction. By analogy, the operation requirement is the same as before.

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