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How is EVA flashing designed?


EVA flashing is a useful method of impermeable disposal of permeable water bodies, welding temperature is generally 1500 ~ 1800, welding speed of 0.15 ~ 0.20 m / min, before construction, should be experimentally recognized operating voltage is generally 110 volts, the speed is simply controlled in the range of 0.15 ~ 0.20 m / min, lap width of 15 cm, seam width of 2.5 cm.



When the indicator light changes from green to red, the operation can be suspended, the choice of soil material for the 10cm thick maintenance layer of the membrane needs to be suspended, no particle size greater than 6mm is allowed, otherwise it is simple to puncture the geomembrane, the soil material for the maintenance layer should be compacted with a rammer to ensure the dry capacity weight is above 1.5, and samples should be taken at any time to check, when backfilling the maintenance layer and laying the block stone surface.

To take lightly, to avoid being damaged, block stone protection surface should be laid under 100 mm thick gravel or gravel bedding layer, to avoid the maintenance layer of soil materials due to water level changes, wind and clouds and other elements of the impact of the washed, dry block stone should be laid by manual erection line, the stone should be embedded firmly, the individual weight of the surface layer of block stone should be greater than 48 kg, all open space using small stone filling.