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What are the problems with TPO waterproofing roll-roofing material?


TPO waterproofing coil volume needs to withstand a lot of pressure, but also to raise, with our usual method of reinforcement is obviously not the same, but we have investigated outside of the New Year's do kind of project is generally the use of solid, with great friction, smaller creep, suitable for all types of environmental use, not affected by temperature, humidity and other aspects, the important thing is to be able to add the bearing capacity of the foundation.


Avoid waterproof board to suspend the waterproof when the effect of the planning does not work, this eva waterproof board can also be commonly used in reservoirs, dam embankments, channels, reservoirs and other common buildings in the days of the underlying equipment, a variety of public, water inferior and other recreational or workplace to suspend the waterproof task this waterproof board can also be used, with the arrival of the dry season in various central summer.

Waterproof board has now reached a very strong period of production, is also a good period of use, because the climate changes from time to time, this change instead of the construction of eva waterproof board has some degree of complementary effect, due to the phenomenon of this, this waterproof board in terms of price is not determined, due to the widespread use of this waterproof board, the price of waterproof board will certainly produce an increase in the price of waterproof board raw materials Will also be with the price of waterproof board has a relative increase, but only good quality color authentic production materials, to ensure that the production of eva waterproof board is good, to ensure that customers buy with confidence.