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What Control Points Do EVA Waterproof Board Construction Have


EVA waterproof board has excellent chemical resistance, excellent impermeability; high barrier; high puncture resistance; no chemical pollution; acid and alkali resistance and a variety of chemical substances; excellent elongation and wear resistance; good dimensional stability; excellent anti-ultraviolet radiation performance and suitable for open air environment, good adhesion; convenient construction.
EVA waterproof board is mainly used for:
EVA waterproofing board is generally used in important waterproofing projects such as metro and tunnel. It is a special formulation of primary resin, produced by flat extrusion process, with waterproof, impermeable products. Thickness is 1.0-3.0 mm, width is 2-6 m, length is based on engineering design.
What Control Points Do EVA Waterproof Board Construction Have
Construction preparation
Before the waterproof board is laid, the underexcavation of the tunnel is treated by the self-made trolley. Waterproof sheets should be spliced into large-scale waterproof sheets from narrow waterproof rolls on a spacious and flat site outside the cave. The overlap width of waterproof board is 10 cm. Crawling hot welding machine is used for bonding. Waterproof Board shall be inspected for discoloration, corrugation (uneven thickness), spots, knife marks, tearing, small holes and other defects. If there are quality doubts, tension test, waterproof test and weld tensile strength test shall be carried out. After the jumbo with suspended waterproof board is in place, the exposed bolt head, steel mesh head and other iron parts are removed by electric welding or oxygen welding, and covered with mortar to prevent piercing the waterproof board. It is necessary to chisel and leveling the parts with serious unevenness of shotcrete-anchor support surface. After the platform is laid in place, the section size is checked again to ensure that the thickness of the lining meets the requirements and then the waterproof layer is constructed.
After the preparation work of waterproof board laying and anchorage construction is completed, the non-woven fabrics cut and processed in advance are laid on the site to be constructed, and the non-woven fabrics are fixed firmly with fixed washers and cement nails. The longitudinal distance between nail holes of fixed non-woven fabric is 0.5-0.8m, the circumferential distance is 0.5-0.8m at the side wall, 0.5m at the arch, 1.0-1.5m at the bottom, and arranged according to the plum pattern. After the laying and fixing of non-woven fabrics are completed, the waterproof board is hoisted at the place to be laid by a simple trolley, and the fixing washer is closely connected by electrothermal bonding from the arch to both sides.
During construction, attention should be paid to controlling the welding temperature to prevent burning through waterproof plate or destroying the overlap seam of fixed washer welded waterproof plate: 10 cm overlap width should be left at the joint of two large-scale waterproof plates in upper and lower circulation, and the overlap seam should be welded well with a hot welder, and the width of the weld seam should be no less than 2 cm. When special pressure welder is used, attention should be paid to controlling the welding temperature to prevent burning through the coke-burning waterproof plate or destroying the fixed gasket.
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