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What Kind of Conditions Need to be Laid with Geogrids


Geogrid can rapidly increase the bearing capacity of foundation and speed up the construction progress, control the development of settlement in soft foundation section, shorten the construction period, and make the highway put into use as soon as possible.
Geogrid reinforces the soil and improves the integrity, which is equivalent to the steel bar in concrete.
Mechanisms: The mechanism of soil reinforcement by geogrid exists in the interaction between Geogrid and soil. Generally, it can be summarized as the friction between the surface of the grille and the soil, the locking effect of the grille hole on the soil and the passive resistance of the grille rib. All three actions can fully restrain the lateral displacement of soil particles, thus greatly increasing the stability of the soil itself, and the reinforcement effect of the soil is obviously higher than that of other geotextiles.
The application of Geogrids in expressways and railways can reduce the settlement difference between subgrade and abutment, reduce the vibration of vehicles and subgrade, slow down the deformation of subgrade structure, and ensure the safety and comfort of vehicles.
1. For subgrade reinforcement, the granular fillers and grids are interlocked to form a stable plane, prevent the fillers from sinking, and disperse the vertical load. Multilayer reinforcement can be used in areas with poor geographical conditions.
2. Paving in embankment and subgrade filling can increase its stability and reduce its occupied area.
3. For pavement reinforcement, the mesh and pavement materials can be mixed together, which can effectively disperse the transmission load and prevent pavement cracks.
4. It can withstand certain impact load.
5. It can withstand large alternating loads.
6. Shorten the construction period;
7. It can also be constructed under harsh conditions.
8. It can prevent pavement subsidence and cracks caused by frothing.
9. It can reduce the amount of pavement materials.
10. Speed up construction.
Characteristics of Geogrid
1. It has very strong tensile strength. The range of tensile strength is 25-110 kn/m. The tensile strength varies according to the type of product.
2. The stress elongation is small, and it has good lateral stability and reinforcement ability for the structure.
3. It has high physical and chemical stability, good anti-aging, anti-burial and anti-corrosion performance.
4. The friction coefficient is large, and the stability of the structure is enhanced by fully integrating the mesh structure into the earth-rock structure.
5. Strong resistance to environmental stress, small deformation when the stress is strengthened, and small temperature deformation coefficient in the range of - 20 ~120 (?)
6. Generally 4-6 meters wide, light weight installation and construction is simple, convenient, efficient and economical.