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Dual textiles plus one membrane

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 Product Information

Composite geomembrane is a kind of impermeable material composed of geotextile and geomembrane. Composite geomembrane is divided into one textile plus one membrane and dual textiles plus one membrane, with a width of 4-6m and a weight of 200-1500g/. Composite geomembrane has physical and mechanical performance index, such as tensile, tear resistance and bursting resistance. Because composite geomembrane selects polymer material and anti-aging agent is added in the production process, so it can be used in unconventional temperature environment to meet the needs of water conservancy, municipal, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel and other civil engineering, as well as waste yard anti-pollution treatment.

Product Features

1.It has unique functions of heat preservation, moisturizing, frost protection and antifreeze.

2. Comparing with the traditional cloth and membrane separation, the use of composite geomembrane improves the application effect, saves the engineering time, reduces the engineering cost and has obvious comprehensive benefit.

3. Its width can reach six meters, and compared with narrow similar products, composite geomembrane can reduce joints, reduce the cost of engineering, shorten the construction period, but also reduce the hidden dangers caused by improper treatment of joints.

4. Water pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, wear resistance, low temperature resistance, non-toxic, planar drainage function is good, good anti-seepage effect.

5.Good aging resistance. If composite geomembbrane is buried placement is adopted, its service life is more longer.

Product Uses

1.River embankment, lake dam, tailings dam, sewage dam and reservoir area, channel, liquid storage tank (pit, Kuang)

2.Subway, basement and tunnel, tunnel seepage proof lining.

3. Subgrade and other foundation salting and seepage control.

4. Horizontal impervious bedding, embankment vertical impervious layer, construction cofferdam and scrap yard.

5. Seawater and freshwater farms.

6. Roadbed of highway, highway and railway; waterproof layer of expansive soil and collapsible loess.

7. Roof seepage control.

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