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High polymer self adhesive film waterproof board
High polymer self adhesive film waterproof board

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High polymer self adhesive film waterproof board

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 Product Information

Polymer self-adhesive membrane waterproofing membrane is a kind of waterproofing membrane specially developed for underground and tunnel engineering, which can form strong anti-bonding with pre-laid post-poured concrete structure. The membrane is made of resin polymer sheets (EVA, LDPE, HDPE, ECB, etc.) as the main waterproof material, and the polymer self-adhesive waterproof membrane is coated on the polymer waterproof substrate. Coil self-adhesive layer and anti-environmental change protective layer have self-healing function. After reaction and consolidation with liquid concrete slurry, waterproof layer and concrete structure are formed without gap combination, and hidden danger of water channeling is avoided. The reliability of waterproof system can be effectively provided.

Product Features

1. High tear resistance, waterproof, anti-seepage and strong hydrolysis resistance.

2. Good flexibility at low temperature and good flexibility at low temperatures of -30 C.

3. Waterproof performance is reliable, coil has both the advantages of polymer waterproofing membrane and self adhesive coil.

4.The construction period can be saved and the project cost reduced.

5. The construction is simple and quick, the construction method is flexible and diverse, according to the actual needs can produce wide coil, to achieve less overlap, fast construction, low consumption, low cost.

6. Green, environmental protection, safety, construction process without solvents and fuels, to avoid environmental pollution and save energy.

Product Uses

1. Traffic engineering: waterproof, anti-seepage works such as subway, tunnel, cavern and bridge.

2. Construction works: roofing, basement and other waterproofing works.

3. Water conservancy projects: waterproofing and anti-seepage works for reservoirs, dams, cofferdams, drains, artificial lakes, etc.

4. Environmental protection projects: waterproofing and anti-seepage works such as landfills, sewage treatment plants, metallurgy and chemical plants.


Performance Requirement

EPDM rubber waterproof rolling material

PVC waterproofing membrane

Polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproofing membrane

Polymer self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane

Tensile strength at break





Elongation at breaking





Low temperature bending property

﹣40℃ ,no crack

﹣20℃ ,no crack

﹣20℃ ,no crack

﹣20℃ ,no crack

water impermeability

Pressure 0.3MPA, retention time120min, i no-leakage

Tearing Strength





compound strength(Surface and center layer)



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