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TPO Geomembrane/TPO Waterproof board

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Product Information

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproofing membrane (TPO waterproofing membrane for short) is made of TPO resin which combines the weatherability of ethylene propylene (EP) rubber with the weldability of polypropylene. Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, and rubber materials at 150 degrees Celsius still maintain flexibility, at a higher temperature to maintain mechanical strength. Product green environmental protection, is the world standard waterproof material.

Product Features

1. Chemical resistance, resistance to acid, alkali, salt, animal oil, vegetable oil, lubricant corrosion, algae, mold and other microbial growth.

2. It has excellent root piercing function and can be used as a root resistant roll for planting roofing.

3. Heat aging, good dimensional stability.

4. The light colored surface with white as the main body has smooth surface and high reflectivity. It has energy saving effect and pollution resistance.

5. There are no plasticizers and chlorinated polymers in the compositions. No harmful gases are produced and released during welding and using, which is harmless to the environment and human health.

6. Hot welding construction is adopted to build the joint, and a high strength reliable sealing waterproof layer can be formed.

7. The reinforced TPO waterproof membrane is sandwiched with a layer of polyester fabric, which provides the membrane with high tensile strength, high tear strength, fatigue resistance, puncture resistance, and is more suitable for mechanical roofing system.

8. The fabric on the lower surface of the backing type TPO waterproofing membrane can make the coil easier to bond with the base.

9. Homogeneous TPO waterproofing membrane has good plasticity and can be processed into various shapes after heating to adapt to complex joints.

Product Uses

TPO waterproofing membrane is widely used in planting roofs, underground civil air defense, dikes, landfills, subway, tunnels, bridges, airports, grain depots and large-scale venues.


Resin layer thickness on middle tire base /mm

Maximum tension/(N/cm)

Elongation at maximum tension /%

Dimensional change rate of heat treatment /% 

Low temperature bending property

water impermeability 0.3MPa,2h

Joint peeling strength /(N/mm)

Impact resistance


≥  0.40

≥ 250

≥  15

≤ 0.5 

-40℃ No Crack


≥ 3.0



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