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Warp knitted polyester geogrid

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The warp knitted polyester geogrid

Product Information

The warp knitted polyester geogrid uses industrial high strength, high modulus and low shrinkage polyester yarn as raw material, adopts warp knitting directional structure, and the intersection points are tied and sewed with high strength fiber filaments to form a firm bonding point. After coating treatment with high quality water-borne PVC, a planar mesh material is formed to give full play to its mechanical properties.

Product Features

Warp knitted polyester geogrid has good stability, high temperature rutting resistance, low temperature shrinkage resistance, delaying and reducing reflective cracks, high tensile strength, high tear resistance, strong bond with soil and rock fragments and a variety of characteristics.

Product Uses

Highway, railway, high-speed rail, airport, riverbank, bridge, landslide, retaining wall, reclamation, port and wharf, environmental protection building, soft soil foundation reinforcement, retaining wall, slope protection and pavement anti-inferior engineering construction areas.

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