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What are the problems of composite geomembrane?


Due to the widespread use of composite geomembrane waterproof board, the price of waterproof board will certainly increase, and the price of raw materials of waterproof board will also increase relatively with the price of waterproof board. However, only by producing high-quality and authentic materials can we ensure that the produced eva waterproof board is good and that consumers can buy it safely. The sampling process should be witnessed by the supervision unit or the construction unit.


It is a useful method for impervious treatment of permeable water bodies. The welding temperature is generally 1500~1800, and the welding speed is 0.15~0.20 meters/minute. Before construction, it should be recognized through experiments that the operating voltage is generally 110 volts, the speed is simply controlled within 0.15~0.20 meters/minute, the overlap width is 15 cm, and the joint width is 2.5 cm. When the indicator light changes from green to red, the operation can be stopped.
With plastic materials as the maintenance layer, supplemented by various additives, it has anti-aging and oxidation functions, and can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other harsh environments. The plastic steel geogrid can meet the application needs of various long-term projects for more than a century. With superior functions and good scale stability, it is an indispensable important material in civil engineering. The plastic steel geogrid is mainly used in roads, railways, abutments, approaches, wharves, revetments Soft soil foundation reinforcement, retaining wall and pavement anti-crack engineering of pond dam and slag yard.