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Laying Geogrids Can Effectively Reduce Reflective Cracks and Improve Rutting Resistance of Pavement


Geogrid is widely used in water conservancy, civil engineering and highway engineering. In the road network reconstruction project, the use of geogrids to deal with pavement diseases plays an important role in effectively reducing reflective cracks, improving rutting resistance and increasing fatigue resistance, and preventing excessive long-term deformation and fatigue damage of the base.
Geotechnical grids are similar to square grids in appearance. They are made of polypropylene and high density polyethylene as the main raw materials. They are extruded into plates by hot melt, punched, heated and stretched vertically and horizontally. Its characteristics are high tensile strength, high plane torsional modulus, good creep resistance and stable chemical properties; high mechanical damage resistance and durability, and large friction coefficient with sand and gravel; it can improve the bearing capacity of foundation and increase the diffusion angle; under the same load axes, it achieves the same effect, reduces the thickness of fill by 30%~40%. When geogrid is used to reinforce, the same thickness is obtained. The degree of subgrade can bear more than 3.5 times more load.
After treating the diseases of the original pavement base by laying geogrid, the results of long-term observation and deflection test show that the phenomenon of longitudinal crack and net crack, side settlement, deformation, net crack and turtle crack in the first layer does not appear again, and the detection deflection value is small, which meets the design requirements.
Main uses of geogrids
1. Used for stabilizing roadbed of highway and railway.
2. Embankments and shallow rivers to withstand the load of gravity.
3. Mixed retaining wall for preventing landslide and loading gravity.
4. When encountering soft foundation, the use of geogrid can greatly reduce the construction labor intensity, reduce the thickness of subgrade construction speed, good performance, and greatly reduce the cost of construction.
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