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How to Use Grouting Tube Expansion Water Stop Belt
How to Use Grouting Tube Expansion Water Stop Belt

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How to Use Grouting Tube Expansion Water Stop Belt

When installing grouting pipes, concrete nails or 20 # lead wires can be used to fix the grouting pipes according to the site conditions. The main requirement is that the dissolving die should be in close contact with the flat horizontal strip plane, and there should be no seams, so as to prevent the slurry from entering into the castable material and affecting the quality. If the cracks can not be eliminated, quick plugging material can be used to plug the upper and lower die edges, whichever is not mud channeling. The length of the single pre-dissolving die is unlimited, and the width of the die cross-section is 100-150 mm (adjustable according to the design of the structure cross-section). The upper and lower lead-out pipes are reinforced with plastic hoses with 8kg/cm2 nylon mesh, and the upper and lower lead-out pipes can be distinguished by color. Mold dissolution can also be carried out in stages. The gap between stages, which is 30 mm wide, must be strictly implemented.
When pouring concrete, the vibrator shall not damage the pre-solution mould and the lead-out pipe. After concrete pouring, there are only two lead-out pipes in each passage between the above ground and the cavity. In order to improve the waterproof quality, the pouring of the reclaimed waterproof belt is postponed as far as possible. During this period, we should strengthen the protection of the lead-in pipe, take management measures to strengthen the field management, and prevent the damage and man-made destruction of the lead-in pipe in construction.
With the progress of construction, when it is necessary to pour rubber water stop belt, the solvent is injected into the upper lead-out pipe to dissolve the mould material and clean the cavity with water in time. After washing the cavity, the lower lead-out pipe is connected with the grouting equipment. The grouting fluid is injected into the cavity. The grouting material is "liquid expanding rubber", which is a polymer grouting material. The high-pressure injection can enrich the capillary holes and micro-cracks of concrete. It expands repeatedly in the presence of water, and the times of expansion are more than 1000 times. There is no precipitate and no water. Reduce, keep elasticity. When grouting, the injection speed should not be too fast. Observe the outflow of the upper drain pipe. When the slurry flows out, the upper drain pipe should be closed. Continue pressurized grouting, when the grout has obvious channeling, it can hold the pressure for 3 to 5 minutes, close down the drain pipe and finish grouting.